Tell me, WHAT DO YOU DO?

Did we catch you off guard? We hope not.,  If we did, you’ve got some explaining to do. 

Every business should be able to tell others what they do in 2 minutes or less.


In 20 seconds, create a 40 second, fully polished explainer video that you can start sending to clients right away. 

So, why not make your video now? 

You can personalize by…

  • Choosing a male or female narrator – we think it should emulate you
  • Choose a color scheme – go for a cool palette or a warm one.
  • Grabbing a screenshot of your prospect’s website WITH ONLY THEIR URL
  • Choose between a SALES EXPLAINER video or a HOW-TO video for your product.

Start converting with the 3 POINT EXPLAINER VIDEO now!

Afterward please:

1.Fill out your profile page. You will be creating your own videos, opening new doors, and personalizing content in seconds! 

2. Watch a few very short  how-to videos we created for you, explaining how each video can save time and make you money! 🙂 

3. Start sending your videos to open new business, network, or just to have fun.

Looking forward to working with you!

Maury Rogow

CMO, The Video Bot

Explain your value and the problems you solve, in seconds

Explainer videos are critical to lead generation, marketing and sales. Customize yours with a male or female presenter, color schemes, and screenshots, here: