Let’s be real for just a minute, in your sales or marketing, has this ever happened to you?

  • You need to get your value across and stand out from the crowd but you don’t know how?
  • You need to connect with a prospect and they seem unreachable?
  • You need it immediately but you don’t have the time?

Well today is your day. You have a new SUPERPOWER!

Our newest Video Bot video gives you the ability to create an explainer video in less than a minute.

You can:

  • Choose your COLOR
  • Choose a MALE or FEMALE host
  • Screenshot your customer’s website and put it IN THE VIDEO
  • Customize the video with their name and company logo
  • Put interactive buttons INSIDE the video to increase conversions

It also follows the very same format that explainer videos need:

  • It grabs attention
  • It establishes empathy
  • It defines the problem
  • It shows the implications and impact
  • It introduces your call to action

If you want a full presentation on how to create an EPIC story, please check here.  Samuel, put my EPIC story video in Wishpond, and lead them to the 6 stories that sell to masterclass funnel. Needs to be built, should I build this in the RMG of TVB side of Wishpond?

Get word about your company out with the 3 POINT EXPLAINER video.


1.Fill out your profile page. You will be creating your own videos, opening new doors, and personalizing content in seconds! 

2. Watch a few very short  how-to videos we created for you, explaining how each video can save time and make you money! 🙂 

3. Start sending your videos to open new business, network, or just to have fun.

Looking forward to working with you!

Maury Rogow

CMO, The Video Bot