Hey Vbotters,

Do you feel that?


Is it chilly in here or are the leads just going cold?

It happens to the best of us – that’s why we have not one BUT TWO of these videos. One for free members and one for premium members.

In fact, a small business used the free skywriting video over one week and generated 4 new sales FROM COLD LEADS.

Those leads hadn’t been touched for a full YEAR. (That’s a LOOOOOOONG time.)

Our SKYWRITING video captures a fun that draws in new and old clients alike; recapturing leads that most would think are dead. 

Don’t get stuck, try SKYWRITING or CAUGHT UNDER A ROCK today and fly back into more sales.

The Video Bot is here to help your business THRIVE.

Afterward please:

1.Fill out your profile page. You will be creating your own videos, opening new doors, and personalizing content in seconds! 

2. Watch a few very short  how-to videos we created for you, explaining how each video can save time and make you money! 🙂 

3. Start sending your videos to open new business, network, or just to have fun.

Looking forward to working with you!

Maury Rogow

CMO, The Video Bot