Below are video walk throughs of how to use and maximize your impact with each of the videos in the gallery.

1st: How to save time by setting up your profile:

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2nd: The Video Bot is multi-lingual, even if you aren’t!

Hindi, Mandarin, Thai, Spanish, 100+ others:

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3rd: The unique benefits of each video are in training videos below

  • Long lost leads
  • Boost sales engagement
  • Treating your prospects like a star

Sales people are capturing cold leads!

Open old doors with one of the oldest tricks in the sales persons bag: LET ME HELP YOU – WITH HUMOR!

Explain your value and the problems you solve, in seconds

Explainer videos are critical to lead generation, marketing and sales. Customize yours with a male or female presenter, color schemes, and screen shots, here:

  • Outshine your competition
  • First impact / great first impression
  • Let your prospects know you do your research
  • Show you go the extra-mile
  • Product launch of products/services
  • Boosting sales engagement
  • Treating viewers like a star
  • Corporate recognition

Human Resources are on-boarding new hires with love.

Rather than a basic packet of info, a mid-sized business welcomes new hires with personalized video messages and seeing culture metrics skyrocket.

Marketing is mailing personalized video and filling the CRM with leads.

One non profit saw conversion rates increase by 457% with personalized video.

  • Outshine your competition
  • First impact / great first impression
  • Let your prospects know you do your research
  • Showing you go the extra-mile
  • Opening new ‘doors’
  • Booking meetings
  • Increasing attendance in webinars
  • Reduce time to sale

Sales teams are getting massive increases in replies, and sales.

A small business sent the videos over one week and generated 4 new sales from cold leads – untouched in a year.

Business Development Reps are seeing 300% increases in appointments.

Rather than one-to-everyone communication, the follow ups with the prospect/followers website included has created raging fans.

  • New hire on-boarding
  • Cutting through the competitive noise
  • This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more.
  • Filling sales pipelines
  • WOW Customers and Prospects
  • Grab attention from anyone
  • New hire onboarding
  • Cutting through the competitive noise
  • Fill sales pipelines

Digital Marketers & Influencers increased sign ups by 80%

Sending out this energy filled elevator pitch typography video has boosted attendance rates to record heights – even in our webinar-overloaded world!

Our Moms Love it! Getting a personalized birthday card that they can send has won us serious cred!

Know its your co-workers birthday?

Forgot to get your brother something?

Send a personalized video and be the office hero with the greatest gift (even tho it took 20 seconds)!


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