Mull over a scenario for a second with me:

  1. You interview a great candidate
  2. You love the skills, the person, and their attitude
  3. You make a PERSONALIZED VIDEO FOR THEM, extending your offer!

Of course, they accept!


Then, you send them personalized videos on… 

  1. Holidays
  2. Milestones
  3. Anniversaries
  4. To reinforce your culture

Personalizing videos, and making your team stars by placing them inside a video shows you care. That used to take thousands of dollars to do!

Now they LOVE YOUR COMPANY. (Or at least like it more than they already did.)

Showing appreciation like this is one of the best ways a good company can BUILD GOOD MORALE. 

We created this video to help people feel appreciated and at home

This video has caused culture metrics to skyrocket before and it can do it again. 

Don’t hand out boring pamphlets, use PERSONALIZED VIDEO INTROS and see culture metrics skyrocket.

Show your team how much you appreciate them and use 321 LAUNCH now.

Also, please:

1.Fill out your profile page. You will be creating your own videos, opening new doors, and personalizing content in seconds! 

2. Watch a few very short  how-to videos we created for you, explaining how each video can save time and make you money! 🙂 

3. Start sending your videos to open new business, network, or just to have fun.

Looking forward to working with you!

Maury Rogow

CMO, The Video Bot