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Today, I’m listing two of the biggest mistakes sales people consistently make:

1. Generalizing Your Audience

2. Lacking a Call To Action

The Video Bot was created to open doors, move your sales process along faster, and even help you hire the best candidates by standing ahead of (seemingly) your competition and their pesky offers. 

You can fix all of this with some creative use of The Video Bot videos…

and the new capabilities that being added constantly(!)

Read on to learn more! (See how I did that?)

So, it’s on you to avoid: 

1. Mundane Business-speak and Tone  

So many brands are afraid to stand out, so, they play the monotone message. Those folks play it safe and use insider jargon. That will fail.

You must add excitement, mystery, and intrigue in your talk to set the mood and keep your audience engaged. 

Enter, Ba-ba-baaaaa!! TheVideoBot~

to stand out, to shine, and get noticed for caring enough to send the very best and personalize your content.


2. The Wrong Message at the Wrong Time

Remember to sherpa your customers along their buying journey (SEE REMINDER VIDEO).

If you go out of sequence:

  • You may look pushy.
  • You you may be too late.
  • You may lose the attention of your prospect.

To keep your audience’s attention, stay relevant and use these videos at the times you need to boost your standing in the market.  

Keep reading these blogs to learn the secrets the best marketers at Thevideobot.com  

Secrets like:

  • How to connect with your audience  

  • How to customize your signature service to the best prospects

  • How to build a loyal following 

  • How to be memorable 

Remember, it’s not luck, its tried and true marketing practices that bring people to your website and keep them coming back.